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Wesbite Maintenance

It is important your website has regular fresh content to keep visitors coming back and to show search engines that your site is active. If you need someone to update your site then look no further!

To learn more about the types of maintenance we can offer for you please click the tabs below:


Maintenance Overview

We can help you make any changes you need to your website on an occasional or regular basis depending on your requirements.

Anything from changing a photo, editing text or even adding a new page!

We offer two main types of maintenace for our clients:

  • Free Minor Updates This is a very popular service that really sets us out from the crowd. Most of our web hosting packages come with a small amount of maintenance time each month that you can use to make tweaks and changes to existing content at no extra cost.
  • Maintenance Packages If you require larger or more regular updates to your website then a dedicated maintenance package will help you get prioriy updates at a lower rate than our standard hourly fee. A great way to ensure your website is in good hands!

Please click here to view our price chart for our website maintenance packages.

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Free Minor Updates

This special offer is exclusive to websites we've designed and also host!

Depending on which hosting package you are on will determine how much free maintenance is included each month. Any additional updates will be quoted for based on our standard hourly rate. Price Comparison

  • Our free minor update policy only covers updates to existing parts of your website but if more advanced maintenance is required we will provide a quote beforehand. We include:
  • Editing the existing text on your website, changing an existing image or photo, uploading or backing up files, updating keywords and meta tags and setting up e-mail addresses.
  • Adding new web pages is not included as part of this free offer, only changes to existing content that is already on the website is included. If you require larger or more regular updates to your website you may find our maintenance packages more suitable.
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Maintenance Packages

In addition to our free minor update service we also provide maintenance packages for websites requiring larger or more frequent updates.

Our dedicated maintenance packages offer the following advantages:

  • Our maintenance packages work out at 50% less than our standard hourly rate saving you money if you require frequent updates. Price Comparison
  • You get priority updates if you have a dedicated maintenance package meaning your website gets updated even faster than usual!
  • If you don't use all your hours up in a month they can be rolled over to the following month as long as they are used within the 12 month maintenance contract.
  • You are not restricted to what you can use your hours for! They can be used to add new pages and content to your site, search engine optimisation, graphic design etc...


A summary of the free minor update minutes that are included with your hosting package:

Hosting Package Monthly Free Minutes Priority Updates?
£50.00 p/a n/a Red Cross
£75.00 p/a 15 Minutes Red Cross
£100.00 p/a 30 Minutes Red Cross
£150.00 p/a 45 Minutes Red Cross

We also offer the following maintenance packages for websites requiring frequent updates:

Maintenance Price Monthly Maintenance Priority Updates?
£100 p/m 4 hours Green Tick
£200 p/m 10 hours Green Tick
£300 p/m 20 hours Green Tick

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really get free updates if you design and host my site?

Yes! With most of our hosting packages we provide a certain amount of time each month to perfrom minor updates to our clients websites at no extra cost. Depending on which hosting package you have with us will determine how much free time is included each month.

This is ideal for making small changes to your website like updating text, news articles or photos.

Can I upgrade mye hosting package?

Absolutely. If you ever want to upgrade your hosting package to one with more web space or more 'free minor update' inclusive time please contact us and we'll take care of it for you. You can see a summary of how much free update time is included with each package on the "prices" tab above.

You can see a summary of how much web space and bandwidth is included on each of our hosting packages on our Impression Internet hosting website.

What is included under your free minor update policy?

Our free minor update policy only covers changes to existing content on your site like updating text, changing photos or updating graphics. Adding new pages and content are not included.

If you need to add new pages or content to your website we can either quote for the work as a one-off job or you may find our dedicated maintenance packages more suitable.

What advantages are there in taking out a dedicated maintenance package?

Our maintenance packages include a generous amount of time each month that you can use for anything related to your website like new pages, search engine optimisation, graphic design etc...

The maintenance prices are based around a 50% reduced hourly rate saving you even more money and you get priority updates to ensure the work is completed as soon as possible.

You can rollover any unused minutes each month (exclusive to our dedicated maintenance packages) as long as they are used within the 12 month maintenance contract.
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