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Search Engine Optimisation

When we optimise a website we first research the most suitable keywords to focus on before optimising content, layout and structure of your website using techniques approved by search engines.

To learn more about the search engine optimisation services we provide please click the tabs below:

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Overview

We include basic search engine optimisation as standard with every website we design but if you require ongoing search engine promotion or a more advanced marketing campaign we have several ways we can help.

  • Search Engine Optimisation Our SEO service includes keyword research, on page content optimisation, website submission, link building and reports.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a great way to get your site to the top of search engines based on your chosen keywords with immediate effect.
  • SEO Copywriting The text content on your website is vital for both engaging your visitors interests and boosting your website rankings by using the correct keyword density.

All of our SEO services are based on tried and tested 'white hat' techniques that comply with all major search engine guidelines. We do not use 'black hat' techniques that can harm rankings.

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Search Engine Optimisation

  • Keyword Selection: We will first research your keywords to find out exactly what things your potential customers are searching for.
  • Optimisation: Once we have our list of keywords and phrases we will optimise your website content, page titles, link structure, meta tags and layout.
  • Submission: Once your site has been fully optimised for your chosen kewords we will submit it to all major search engines and directories by hand to ensure acceptance.
  • Link Building: We can help you to source quality inbound links to your website which is one of the most important factors in boosting your search engine ranking.
  • Our basic SEO packages are based around a mimimum of 3 months ongoing work. It is important to remember SEO results do not happen overnight because search engines can take several months to update their listings which we have no control over.
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Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Pay Per Click advertising is a quick, although temporary, way to get your website to the top of Google by advertising on their results pages.
  • Google charge a cost per click (CPC) each time somebody clicks your link. Each keyword costs a different amount depending on their popularity.
  • We work out the most cost effective keywords that will get you the most visitors and clicks for the lowest 'cost per click' to maximise your return on investment and conversions.
  • The budget for the advert is in your hands! When we've decided on your key phrases we set a limit on how many people you wish to see your link in Google to keep you in budget.
  • The daily amount you choose to budget in order to display your adverts is payable to Google which we can arrange on your behalf.
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SEO Copywriting

  • Your text content is one of the most important aspects of a successful website. You need to get your visitors attention and keep them hooked!
  • It is really important that your content is consice and keeps your visitors interested and encourages them to learn more about your business.
  • SEO copywriting is the way of writing that will engage a reader while still promoting your keywords to search engines. Ideally you should aim for a keyword density of around 2%
  • We can help write your website content, tweak existing text or write fresh articles and online press releases to promote your website to search engines. Keeping your content fresh and up date will keep people and search engines coming back to your site.
  • If you are looking to have articles or content written for your website please contact us for a fixed quote based on your exact requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to get my website in the top 10 search results?

Most people only view the first two or three pages of search engine results before either giving up or changing their key phrase. If your website appears on the first page for your selected search terms you will see a much higher number of visitors as a result.

What will you do to my website to optimise it for search engines?

We will begin by reviewing your current website and researching your rivals to compile the best keywords and phrases to focus on. We will then make any necessary structural changes to your web pages to organise them semantically and logically.

When your website pages are organised we will start work on updating the meta tags, HTML code and page elements. Lastly we submit your website to all major search engines and directories for you and, if required, we can begin work on increasing the number of websites linking to you.

How long will it be before I start seeing reuslts?

Search Engine Optimisation requires quite a bit of time to perfect. Some parts of the optimisation process (such as organising your pages, cleaning the source code and researching keywords) are one-off tasks which we complete in the early stages.

In addition to this there are several ongoing tasks required to get the very best results such as reviewing and tweaking keywords, promoting your website and generating more inbound links.

Our SEO packages take care of both the short term and long term aspects to ensure your site is properly optimised to achieve the best return on your investment.

What are 'black hat' techniques and do you use them?

The term 'black hat' techniques relates to unethical methods that try to trick or fool search engines in to ranking your website higher. We will never use 'black hat' techniques as part of our SEO work as it can potentially harm your rankings and even get your website banned from Google.

Instead, we use approved 'white hat' techniques that have been recommended by search engine guidelines to ensure your website complies with Google's rules and sticks to tried and tested methods that get the best results.

What is Pay Per Click and how does it differ to SEO?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and is a different service to Search Engine Optimisation but they do compliment each other when it comes to promoting a website.

With PPC you pay to have your website shown in search engine results for your chosen keywords. When someone clicks the link Google will charge you for the click (the more you are willing to pay for each click the higher you will appear). PPC is great for short term marketing campaigns but not ideal for the long term.

SEO is designed to optimise your website to appear in the search engines naturally without the need to pay Google. Despite the extra work involved in optimising your site to appear naturally we recommend this for longer term sustained results.

Do you guarantee where my website will appear in Google?

You may have seen people promising to get you to number 1 in Goolge but in reality there is no way to predict what position you will achieve. Search engines use complex algorithms to calculate their rankings and it would be foolish to promise specific results so we do not offer a guarantee on where you will appear.

What we do guarantee is that we will optimise your website based on years of experience in what methods get the best results. We've achieved some really fantastic SEO results for our clients and are confident we can do the same for you! Please click here to get in touch with us.
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